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Big Ideas in Beta

Big Ideas in Beta is an incubator that supports the development of ideas prototyped in Action Collabs at Big Ideas Fest.

ISKME’s role is to usher Action Collab ideas to the next step of prototyping, piloting, or funding, and as such we facilitate and help to broker the use of services such as technology development, prototyping consultation, business plan development, and additional Action Collabs to continue building on their ideas. Big Ideas in Beta updates are given during the following year’s Big Ideas Fest.

In 2012, three Action Collab ideas were selected for future development during the yearlong program:


  • ArtV is a mobile studio that brings communities together to engage in creative expression in a sustainable way.

  • Mission:Possible is a program in which students in the United States connect with students in other countries and send each other artifacts from their communities and environments; and shared objects are connected to curriculum.


  • MYNE is a website that allows users to input employment information, as well as extracurricular, religious, and recreational activities into a website that identifies relevant job skills to their diverse experiences.