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Big Ideas in Beta

ISKME invites Big Ideas Fest 2013 participants to test Action Collab ideas in the real world.

Ready to test pilot your Action Collab idea in the real world? The keys to the plane are in your hands! Phase One requires you to test it out, tell us about it, and then receive a $2,500 reward for your team’s work. Select teams will then be invited to advance in the Big Ideas in Beta program to Phase Two, where they will receive additional support and funding to refine, prototype, and re-test their idea throughout 2014.


Phase One: Test your idea in the real world

  1. Assemble a team that will design and implement the pilot of the idea you presented on stage at Big Ideas Fest 2013 (participants from other cohorts are welcome to join)
  2. Elect a project lead: Lead must be a Big Ideas Fest 2013 participant
  3. State the value: Describe the unique value of the idea
  4. Create a hypothesis: State the expected outcome of the first test
  5. Design the pilot
  6. Test idea with the target audience: Minimum of 20 people in the data set
  7. Collect data: Gather feedback about the test from the target audience
  8. Analyze data: Measure the success of the test
  9. Plan second test: Make adjustments and outline the second test
  10. Submit a final report of your Phase 1


Deadline for submitting final report for Phase One

The deadline for submitting a report that documents the team’s initial test is March 31, 2014. Please send submissions to bigideas@iskme.org.

The report needs to contain the following (no more than 10 pages):

  • Names of team members and their roles on the team
  • Name of Team Captain and how they were selected
  • Description of the unique value of your idea
  • Description of target audience, and why they were chosen
  • The stated hypothesis of the outcome
  • Description of the pilot and target audience
  • Analysis of the data collected from the pilot
  • Measures used to determine the success of the pilot
  • Description of what a second pilot would look like: possible changes and reasons for changes, description of the measure of success of the pilot, etc.


Teams that fully demonstrate the completion of the activities above will be awarded $2,500.


Phase Two

ISKME will select teams to advance to Phase Two of the Big Ideas in Beta program. Select teams will receive additional funds to support the further refinement of the idea throughout 2014 and will be invited to present their project at Big Ideas Fest 2014.


Big Ideas in Beta is generously sponsored by Qatar Foundation International who is dedicated to promoting education as a force that facilitates collaboration across geographical, social and cultural boundaries.