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There is not just one type of book or music or cuisine—we have a wealth of options for diverse tastes—but we expect diverse learners to succeed in one type of educational model. Neeru Khosla, Co-Founder & Executive Director of CK-12 Foundation, introduces a low-cost tool that lets teachers and students customize learning experience for different learners within a single classroom. Digital FlexBooks, videos, and interactive content provide students with both choice and immediate feedback to guide them while material is still fresh in their minds. License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
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Speaker: Jade Trinh
Business major Jade Trinh speaks of stumbling into an entrepreneurship course that revealed an unexpected and exciting new path.
Speaker: Martha Kanter
Martha Kanter. U.S. Dept. of Ed., emphasizes importance of accessible education, critical thinking to job success and democracy.
Speaker: Nasser Paydar
Indiana University East uses new models, fewer resources to go from lowest state retention rates to highest in four years.
Speaker: Gerald Richards
Gerald Richards, CEO of 826 National, describes unique storefronts where kids are stimulated to learn, create and share.
Speaker: Adora Svitak
At age eight, Adora Svitak began to teach students twice her age. Now 14, she shares revelation that learning is not a weakness.
Speaker: Lee LeFever
Lee LeFever and his wife make videos explaining complex things in minutes. Learn how they scale and spread a passion for learning.
Speaker: Jody Lewen
Jody Lewen, ED of the Prison University Project, explains fear of vulnerability is often the primary challenge for her students.
With higher ed. no longer the sole source of knowledge, and its traditions irrelevant, Greg Anderson says we must adapt or die.
Speaker: Danny Hillis
Danny Hillis, Chairman/Co-Founder of Applied Minds, asks us to imagine a learning map that goes beyond existing search engines.
Speaker: Brewster Kahle
Brewster Kahle’s mission to customize his son’s education led to scaling customized model beyond those who could afford it.
Univ. of St. Thomas engineering professor describes using sense of play to find science, engineering lessons in almost anything.
Speaker: William Ayers
Considering past inequities, Univ. of Illinois professor explores aspects of modern education we will one day find unimaginable.
Speaker: Barbara Chow
William & Flora Hewlett Foundation Ed. Program Director, Barbara Chow, makes case for policy as doorway to innovation and change.
Speaker: Georgette Yakman
Georgette Yakman’s immigrant grandparents, family with Asperger syndrome, artistic stepfather led her to add Arts into STEM.
Speaker: Mark Milliron
WGU Chancellor Mark Milliron’s radical proposal: Why not use data, technology to give learners real-time feedback on progress?
Enrique Legaspi teaches at forefront of student interests, helping them create, curate and share work using video, social media.
Speaker: Kaycee Eckhardt
Kaycee Eckardt, high school teacher, New Orleans' 9th Ward, advocates chancing innovation, prototyping and piloting new ideas.
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